Who am I


Hi and welcome on my site!
I am Arthur van Goethem, an assistant professor at Eindhoven, University of Technology in the Applied Geometric Algorithms group.
Currently, I am working on the research topic of curved schematization. For some given (possibly geographic) input data, we need to find a curved representation using a very low number of curves (circular arcs / Bezier curves). The representation should be a fair representation of the input, but need not be as geographically accurate as possible. Schematization can restrict itself to a set of design principles to emphasize features or further simplify the representation. Schematization is in that sense stronger than simplification.
Besides my research I spend a significant part of my time on teaching first- and second-year Bachelor students the intricate art of Computer Science. 😉

Contact Information

Office: MF4.104a

Research Interests

Computational Geometry  —  Curved Schematization  —  Crowd Simulation